Leonardo Nam Talks Felix’s Backstory and Relationship with Maeve

Leonardo Nam Fears His Own Character's Death

Australian native Leonardo Nam has quickly become a Westworld fan favorite, having done a wonderful job portraying the anxious but lovable Felix Lutz in the show’s first season.

The actor recently found some time to speak with Awards Daily about his experiences playing Felix, and in particular, why he thinks Felix and host-gone-rogue Maeve (Thandie Newton) developed such a close relationship over the course of her android awakening.

While Felix and Maeve do end up spending a lot of time together over the first season, which inevitably allows them the opportunity to build a relationship with each other, Nam explains that their connection is forged on a much deeper level:

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Westworld Showrunners Discuss the “Twice As Ambitious” Season 2, and Evan Rachel Wood Talks That Crazy Final Scene

Lisa Joy Renews Contract

As production on Westworld’s second season continues in full swing, with filming starting this week, it’s difficult to imagine that co-creators and showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have much free time on their hands.

However, the duo did find some time to stop by Variety’s “Remote Controlled” podcast recently to reveal some ambiguous yet intriguing new details about the upcoming season.

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Louis Herthum on Fan Theories and Season 2 Hopes; Makeup Designer Christien Tinsley Talks Creating the Westworld Character Looks

Vitruvian Man_Episode 1

As the push for Emmy nominations continues in full force, we have a fresh batch of interviews courtesy of the cast and crew of Westworld!

Series-regular Louis Herthum has been hard at work promoting the show and reminiscing about his time spent playing Peter Abernathy. The actor recently spoke with Goldderby about the show, and in particular, what his initial hopes are for Peter’s future in the second season.

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James Marsden Gets Back to Work on Westworld Season 2!

James Marsden

Yesterday we learned that filming for Westworld season 2 would start today on Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita, California, and a short while later, we heard rumors that weapons training would be taking place as well at the same location.

Just a few hours ago, actor James Marsden, who played bad luck cowboy Teddy Flood in season 1 of Westworld, posted a new video on Instagram confirming the reports. “Westworld quick draw training! 🤠” posted Marsden, along with the clip showing off his gunfighting skills.

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Westworld Emmy Submissions Revealed!

Maeve and Felix on Westworld

Awards season is fully upon us now, and Westworld is sure to be in the mix when Emmy nominations are announced next month. The nomination process is happening at the moment, with voting starting last Monday and continuing through June 26th. Thankfully, the Television Academy has provided the complete Emmy submission information online so we fans can have a peek at which stars are throwing their hats into the ring this year.

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Quick Hits: Jeffrey Wright Breaks Down Bernard’s Memorable Scene, Thandie Newton Expresses Her Love for Westworld, Jonathan Nolan on the Difficulties of Adaptation

Bernard Lowe and Theresa Cullen on Westworld

Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe) had a very challenging job in Westworld‘s first season. Playing a host who didn’t know he was a host required a unique approach to the complex role. In an interview for Yahoo TV‘s “My Scene to Remember,” Wright delves into his process for bringing Bernard to life and navigating that surprise reveal.

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Westworld Rewind: Episode 3, “The Stray”

Elsie & Bernard_The Stray

By the end of Westworld’s second episode, we have a pretty good grasp of how the park functions, or at least how it’s supposed to function. High paying guests are transported to Delos headquarters, where they are dressed in their Western garb and then whisked into the park, at which point they are free to pursue all guilty pleasures their hearts desire, under the guarantee of safety and protection from any physical harm.

However, we’re now aware that there seems to be an issue with a recent coding update, causing some hosts to recall previous builds, and in response either malfunctioning (like Peter Abernathy [Louis Herthum]) or lashing out in uncharacteristic ways (like Walter [Timothy Lee DePriest]).

“The Stray” continues to build upon this sense that something is definitely not right within the park. Among the various storylines, Elsie (Shannon Woodward) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) are called upon to track down the vectoring Woodcutter (Tait Fletcher). Wyatt’s (Sorin Brouwers) story is uploaded into Teddy (James Marsden) as the source anchoring his painful, and up to this point unknown, backstory. And the mysterious Arnold is described to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) as Dr. Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) late partner and the co-creator of the fantasy park and its inhabitants.

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Showrunner Jonathan Nolan Teases Westworld Season 2 Premiere Title!

Jonathan Nolan on Westworld

It’s no secret that Westworld showrunner Jonathan Nolan likes to play with fans on Reddit. He has admitted to keeping tabs the r/westworld subreddit and being amazed at how quickly people were guessing the plot twists for season one. He also joked about having to change a season two plot twist because Redditors already figured it out. Last year, when someone asked what happens to all of Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) paintings, Nolan commented, “Doesn’t look like anything to me” and linked to a gif of never-before-seen footage from the show.


Now it looks like Nolan is at it again. Redditor Brew_Swillis posted asking if users could refrain from submitting “endless” maze images on the site. Nolan (a verified Reddit user) commented, “Nope” and linked to a very interesting picture, which appears to give us a slight little hint about the season two premiere. Mild spoiler below the cut. Continue Reading…

Louis Herthum Confirms Westworld Season 2 Filming Will Start “Mid-July”

Louis Herthum Speculates about Westworld's Second Season_2

Louis Herthum (Peter Abernathy), who can now boast the title of ‘series regular’ on Westworld, sat down with the LA Times today for a Facebook Live interview, during which he confirmed a piece of information about the show’s second run: the upcoming season is going to begin filming in mid-July.

When asked when filming is expected to pick back up, Herthum was quick to delight with his answer: “Soon. Yes, I’d say in a month or so. I mean mid-July.”

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