Westworld Season Two Speculation: What will the hosts do next?

At this point, anything is possible

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“The second season is defined by chaos.” Those are the words from Westworld’s fearless co-creator / showrunner Jonathan Nolan during a featurette at the end of the season one finale.

But what does that really mean? What kind of chaos is Mr. Nolan referring to? While Nolan and fellow co-creator and showrunner Lisa Joy have offered very few details on the show’s upcoming second season, we here at Westworld Watchers think it’s never too early to jump on the speculation train. Won’t you join us in this delight?

Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) returns….as a host

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While Hopkins has yet to be confirmed for the second season, I’m holding firm on the theory that Dr. Ford will return, as a host, for the sophomore run.

The basis of my theory lies in a couple different lines that were woven into the season one finale. The more telling of the two lines comes at the end of the episode when Ford is giving his final speech to the Delos shareholders and guests. At one point, he asserts the following:

“An old friend once told me something that gave me great comfort. Something he’d read. He said that Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin never died. They simply became music.”

The second line comes earlier in the episode when the Man in Black (Ed Harris) confronts Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) outside of the church and demands to be shown the end of the maze. At one point, after being pushed down and beaten by MIB, Dolores finds a new wave of strength, stands up, and confidently says these words to him:

“Upon the sand, a new god will walk. One that will never die […] this world belongs to someone who’s yet to come.”

While this could be a bit of a stretch, I believe that these two separate lines may be cluing us in on what’s to come. Ford seems enamored with composers like Mozart who have come and gone, but in the process have created beautiful and lasting works of art through which they live on. This could very well be the driving force behind his desire to live on not only through his beautiful creation, but AS his own beautiful creation.

As a newly immortal creator, he would assume the role of the ‘new god’ that Dolores claims has ‘yet to come’, thus fulfilling her prophecy.

Plus, we still don’t know what kind of host Ford is in the process of creating in his ‘Old Field Lab’. Since the Delos headquarters don’t have any record of the lab or its inhabitants, wouldn’t it make sense that Ford would use this off-the-grid place to craft the android version of himself?


Dolores kills the Man in Black

New Dolores Insight from Evan Rachel Wood

This theory comes courtesy of Reddit user CC466. The argument for it surrounds the fact that, even though Dolores and MIB once had a blossoming romantic relationship 30 years prior, his recent actions towards her, and towards her fellow android beings for that matter, have been nothing short of appalling. He tortures and kills them for fun, without any remorse, and all to serve his selfish needs.

With Dolores and her fellow hosts now quickly approaching sentience, many of them may begin to recall memories of a time when MIB was not so nice to them (these painful memories may also help to usher in consciousness for some of them). However, while any one of them may be presented with an opportunity for vengeance, it only seems right for Dolores to pull the final trigger.

Plus, Dolores has already used the same gun to kill the two creators of Westworld, Ford and Arnold (Jeffrey Wright). Wouldn’t it feel right for her to complete the hat trick and use the very same weapon to kill the next person in the chain of command, that being the majority shareholder?

This all assumes that MIB survives the army of hosts that wound him in the season finale. If he doesn’t make it through, neither will this theory.


The hosts turn on each other

Westworld Season Two Speculation_3

This is another reach, but bear with me. In the final episode of the first season, Bernard mentions that the majority of hosts who begin to recall past memories ‘go insane’. When this happens, typically hosts are recalled to headquarters and either repaired or banished to storage (see Peter Abernathy [Louis Herthum]).

With the Delos staff seemingly preoccupied with the sudden uprising of vengeful hosts we were left with at the end of season one, there may not be much opportunity to bring in and diagnose the androids that begin to short wire. However, that doesn’t mean the reveries code will suddenly stop causing issues.

As time passes and hosts inevitably begin to go crazy, the ones who have maintained clarity in their consciousness may be forced to turn against their short circuiting friends, whose newfound insanity may pose a risk to them. Whether this proves to be quick work or a more involved issue, the sentient hosts may need to make the decision to turn against their malfunctioning counterparts for the good of the larger mission.

All this speculation is only a drop in a sea of theories about what could come next for Westworld. Given our very limited knowledge of the upcoming season, anything is possible at this point.

What do you think of this speculation? Do you have any theories of your own that you think are more plausible? Let us know!

4 responses to “Westworld Season Two Speculation: What will the hosts do next?”

  1. Interesting speculation. The Ford host theory is certainly plausible, but it’s one I hope doesn’t come true. We spent all of season 1 believing Ford was a controlling megalomaniac, only to find out in the finale that he was trying to help the hosts all along.

    He spent 35 years atoning for his mistake in not believing Arnold – that the hosts were becoming sentient – and his final act of contrition was sacrificing himself so the hosts could have a chance to be free. It would be a hollow gesture if he knew he wasn’t really going to die.

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  2. Vanessa,

    Your point is well taken, and I’ve read a lot of similar theories that prefer Ford to stay dead as well. It would certainly be a beautiful gesture for him to end his life at the hands of his own creation as a way of setting the stage for the hosts’ journey towards freedom.

    That being said, it’s certainly been established that Ford is a control freak, and I could definitely see his ego being majorly threatened by Charlotte’s insistence that he announce his retirement. In this scenario, I could see Ford deciding to join the growing host army, whose current goal seems to be seeking revenge upon their human captors, as a way to get back at Charlotte and prove that his power isn’t so easily taken from him.

    Who knows, I may just be too far deep into my own wishful thinking, since I loved Hopkins’ performance in the first season and would be delighted to see him return in some form. I guess time will tell!

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