Westworld Quick Hits: Ed Harris Talks Season 2 & Dancing; Evan Rachel Wood Reveals Her Hopes; Jonathan Nolan On Ford’s Plan

As production ramps up, so do the news stories!


Established performer and Westworld star Ed Harris (Man in Black) is no stranger to the acting world. With a career spanning decades and featuring roles in front of the camera and on stage, it’s safe to say Harris has learned a thing or two about how to stay calm and loose through all the stresses that accompany professional acting.

Harris recently sat down with Vulture to talk Westworld and discuss some of the processes he’s established over the years that help him stay centered.

The actor reveals that he’s been in contact with co-creator/showrunner Jonathan Nolan regarding the MIB’s path in the upcoming season. “I talked to Jonah while I was in London on the phone and he said, ‘We’ve got some great ideas. [Co-creator/showrunner] Lisa [Joy] and I really look forward to talking to you about what we have in mind’”, says Harris.

Given how well Harris manages to play the intense, stone-faced man that is the MIB, it may be surprising to learn that the actor values the centering qualities of dancing. “In the olden days, I – with the help of whatever – I loved to dance”, remarks Harris. “But these days, I’m not in too many situations where anybody is dancing. I don’t mind dancing by myself. Turn on the music in a private room somewhere or down in the gym and just dance around and it’s really just a great way to stay loose.”


Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores Abernathy) recently shared that she is officially beginning to physically prepare to reassume the role of her now-vengeful Westworld character.

The actress also found some time to chat with Goldderby about what she hopes will come of Dolores in the upcoming season.

“I really want to see what it’s like now that [Dolores has] claimed her power, understands it and is let off the leash, and I’m assuming is going to go on some sort of revenge spree”, says Wood. “I would like to see some sort of revolution start.”

While details of how the show will be progressing are being kept under wraps, with filming expected to begin as early as next month, we may soon have a better idea of whether or not Wood’s hopes will be fulfilled.

Watch Wood’s full interview here:


Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy attended the Wired Business Conference in New York City this week. During their time back east, the duo sat down with Geek.com to talk about their HBO hit.

Nolan opens up about the journey Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) takes over the first season as he sets his new narrative in motion:

“Ford, beautifully portrayed by Tony Hopkins, is a character steeped in history and reading and learning. He has thought about this for a long time, and understands that humans have never had a rival, never tolerated any other species. They’ve subjugated anything, and when they encountered rivals like the Neanderthals, they don’t end up as a part of history. Ford spent a lot of time thinking about how he’ll go about…if the goal of these creatures is to survive, how does this happen?”

While it’s still unclear whether or not Ford will make an appearance in the upcoming second season, his legacy will no doubt have a lasting, and perhaps costly, effect on Delos and its inhabitants. Given how the first season wrapped up, it may not be possible for management to roll back the hosts and erase the self-awareness that many of the androids have managed to achieve.

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