Louis Herthum on Fan Theories and Season 2 Hopes; Makeup Designer Christien Tinsley Talks Creating the Westworld Character Looks

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As the push for Emmy nominations continues in full force, we have a fresh batch of interviews courtesy of the cast and crew of Westworld!

Series-regular Louis Herthum has been hard at work promoting the show and reminiscing about his time spent playing Peter Abernathy. The actor recently spoke with Goldderby about the show, and in particular, what his initial hopes are for Peter’s future in the second season.

Says Herthum:

“I wasn’t sure I’d come back after the pilot. So every time I came back I was just so grateful. In the eighth episode when [Peter is] downloaded with all the data from the park, I felt that was their way of saying I’ll be back next season. If I had my way, I’d love for Peter to get out of this park with all the data. I’m dying to see what the outside world looks like. There also was a scene that we shot that was not included in the first season that I would not be surprised if it popped up somewhere.”

What kind of scene could Herthum be talking about? Did they perhaps shoot some footage of Peter outside the park, or in the process of leaving it? I think I can speak for most of us when I say that we’re just as excited as Herthum to see what this mysterious ‘outside world’ looks like – will it look just like today’s world, or will it perhaps be located on a distant planet that the humans managed to colonize?

Check out Herthum’s full interview with Goldderby here:

Speaking of theories, Herthum couldn’t help but offer his own fan speculation when he took the time to sit down with Yahoo. The actor seems to be very much aware of this planet-hopping theory, but he has his doubts. “There’s that theory that one of the tablets said it’s the year 2052,” says Herthum. “I’m not sure if that’s enough time for us to get to another planet and completely colonize it, but that is a pretty good theory.”

An intriguing point Herthum makes is about the theories, or rather, the lack of theories, that surround Peter’s initial malfunction in the pilot episode:

“I’ll say this: A lot of people seem to forget that Peter Abernathy was the first to utter, ‘These violent delights have violent ends,’ which clearly is an audible trigger. My question is, how did I get that? Where did I come up with that? There haven’t been a lot of theories about that, and it intrigues me the most. Or why did the photograph of William’s [Jimmi Simpson] fiancée trigger Peter to go bonkers?”

Herthum does make a convincing case. Us fan theorizers have certainly spent time trying to dissect the meaning behind many of the events that unfold throughout the first season, but what about taking a deeper look at the moment that arguably sets the entirety of the season in motion?

Westworld Season Two Speculation_2

In other news, Westworld Makeup Designer Christien Tinsley took the time to speak with Deadline regarding the challenges and opportunities he faced while creating the looks for the show’s characters.

Christien explains that he actually had to wear multiple hats during his time on the show:

“I was Makeup Effects Designer as well as the Makeup Department Head, which means I handled designing all the character looks, from beauty makeup through character makeup, and then all the makeup effects…to list the elements and the challenges, Westworld, that’s such a huge concept, both designing the makeup and the makeup effects – really doing the job of two different departments.”

Christien reveals that, along with being responsible for the looks of the living actors, he also had a heavy hand in creating some of the most recognizable inanimate objects in the first season:

“There were some gray lines that we were asked to participate in. One of the gray lines was the wall of heads, which we did create. Also, in Dr. Ford’s [Anthony Hopkins] office, you’ll see an evolution of Evan Rachel Wood’s character, Dolores, where it goes from a skull to a forensic study, up to a finished sculpture in a glass cage. All those elements, we were in charge of, because they fell more into the world of recreation of the human body, or the human figure.”

Christien goes on:

“The initial Vitruvian Man – the white, classic figure in the round ring – that was something that we created. We worked with production design in the early stages about three years ago, pitching some concepts.”

While Christien does note that he is not returning to Westworld for the second season, it’s clear that he and his team’s impact will continue to have a profound effect well into the show’s future.

What do you think of this latest batch of news? Let us know!

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