HBO Unveils New Westworld Season 2 Footage!

Coming Soon Trailer_1

It’s no secret that HBO loves teasing their upcoming content. Every so often they release a ‘Coming Soon’ trailer, and today they decided to release the latest one – and one that features new footage from Westworld‘s second season!

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and dissect each shot in the trailer…

Coming Soon Trailer_2

At the beginning of the trailer, we are welcomed with a shot of the Man in Black (Ed Harris), bloodied face and all. Fans are already well acquainted with this shot – it appears in the teaser trailer that dropped a few months back.

Coming Soon Trailer_3

Next, the trailer cuts to a shot of of Maeve (Thandie Newton), who looks to perhaps be using a tablet whilst undercover in the Delos lab. Could she perhaps be looking up the location of her host daughter that Felix (Leonardo Nam) provides her with in the season one finale? Or maybe she’s using her heightened powers to continue manipulating the programming of her fellow androids.

You can also see that the coat she’s wearing is different from the dress we last see her in as she escapes the outgoing train in the season one finale. We see her wearing this same dress in the first teaser as she and Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) survey the sea of dead bodies in the Delos command center, which suggests this latest shot of her with the tablet may happen at a later time.

Coming Soon Trailer_4

Towards the end of the trailer is when the new footage really heats up! In this shot, we see members of Ghost Nation traversing along the top of a sand dune. Foot tracks are littered all around the dune, suggesting this area could be a heavily traveled one. This location also looks like it could be the one that was featured in the video fans captured a few weeks ago in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah.

Coming Soon Trailer_5

Next, we reunite with our favorite traveling due, the MIB and Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.), as they take a curious look at something out of site. The couple other cowboys they are traveling with split off with an urgency – could they be approaching some kind of immediate danger? Perhaps a host army?

As this shot and the next couple appear, we get some MIB voiceover as he says, “You wanted me to play your game. And I’m going to burn it to the ground.” Something tells me Delos should take this threat seriously…

Coming Soon Trailer_6

The trailer then quickly cuts to another shot of Maeve, who is back on the train platform. She’s now wearing the black dress from the season one finale, and in the background you can see a train speeding away. This all suggests that this shot could be a continuation from the first season right after Maeve gets off the train.

Coming Soon Trailer_7

We then reunite with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), who has a concerned look on his face as he stares out into the streets of what I assume is Sweetwater. What could he be looking at?

Coming Soon Trailer_8

We then cut to another shot that we’re already familiar with from the first teaser trailer. Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) on horseback chases after a group of helpless people in a field and picks them off with her rifle one by one. Check out those riding skills!

Coming Soon Trailer_9

The second to last shot features an angry-looking Dolores staring daggers at whatever’s in front of her while Teddy (James Marsden) stands behind her on horseback. It’s clear that her inner Wyatt is in control at this moment. Could this shot take place after her and Teddy’s mounted killing spree? Was someone perhaps able to knock her off horseback?

The final shot (pictured up top) shows Dolores and Teddy surveying some type of scene in front of them. My guess is they’re checking out the helpless people running in the field before they begin their target practice.

Check out the full trailer below (which includes footage from HBO’s other upcoming projects), and let us know what you think!

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