Westworld Cast Shares Intriguing Season 2 Hints and Shoots Down Popular Fan Theory

Dolores Westworld

Details about Westworld‘s upcoming season are emerging – slowly but surely – in the lead up to the premiere. GamesRadar+ interviewed several cast members about season two, and while they are as secretive as ever, we do get some interesting hints about what to expect. The actors also weigh in on – and thoroughly debunk – a fan theory that has been debated since last season’s finale.

Evan Rachel Wood reveals that season two is much “darker” than season one, especially for Dolores. “To play this character that is at the forefront of this revolution and this war on humanity for her freedom, knowing what she has to do – not necessarily liking it, but having to do it… it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.” She adds, “It wasn’t as fun as I thought it was going to be, putting yourself in that mindset that there’s no hope. Obviously, it was heavy, yeah. Heavy.”

Will Dolores and William cross paths again? Wood doesn’t confirm, but it seems likely. “It would be interesting to see her dynamic interacting with him knowing and remembering…because I think he’s always been the Man in Black to her, but we might actually see what it’s like when it is William – but it’s not.”

What about her other love interest, Teddy Flood? “With Teddy specifically, he was late to the game,” James Marsden says. “His awakening came much later than Dolores and Maeve’s awakening, which was slowly peeling back these layers, and now he’s seeing the world with a new set of eyes. But it just so happens to be against the backdrop of chaos and revolution and bloodshed, and so it’s an interesting, conflicting time for him.”

Marsden suggests Teddy’s relationship with Dolores will be different now that they are “free.” He explains, “I think he still has a lot of his coding from before, a lot of which has his allegiances and loyalty and his love and affection for Dolores [in it]. But even that dynamic has turned upside down. And the questions he’s asking himself are ‘Who do I want to be?’ ‘What is my identity now that I get to choose what that is and it’s not scripted for me?’”

Stubbs Westworld

Another newly awakened host, Bernard, will spend the season in conflict over his loyalties according to Jeffrey Wright. “His place within this chaos is unique in that he does have allegiances and experiences with both sides…It’s a question that he asks himself, I think, at the beginning of this… ‘Where am I in all of this?’” He continues, “I think Bernard, in the first season, in some ways plays the eyes of the audience to some extent in that he’s in charge of figuring out the mystery…I think perhaps he might represent [in season two] a different type of window for the audience.”

Newcomer Gustaf Skarsgård (Karl Strand) confirms his character is employed by Delos to “fix this mess,” but declines to give too many details – perhaps because he doesn’t know them. “One of my first instructions about the character – because [the showrunners] couldn’t tell me anything, background or whatnot – [was] ‘Well, he’s kind of a coiled snake waiting to strike at any moment’, and I’m like ‘Oh ok, that’s… playable.’ And there’s also, ‘He knows a secret, but we can’t tell you what it is, but just know that you know a secret…’ He laughs, That was an actual instruction!”

Fan favorites Elsie Hughes and Hector Escaton will return, although the actors keep their plotlines a bit of a mystery. “You’ll see where [Elsie’s] been and what’s been going on, and the new struggles that she then faces like, who does that make her after what’s happened to her?” Shannon Woodward admits. Rodrigo Santoro is even more secretive, teasing, “Hector is back, we just don’t know what condition he’s in. That’s all I can say but yes – he’s back, and in a very interesting condition, and there’s a lot of adventures.”

Read the rest here.

Dr. Robert Ford Final Speech Westworld

Westworld fans developed several theories over the course of season one – many of which were confirmed by the finale. Of course, the finale sparked several new ones, the most popular being that Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) didn’t really die. Some fans think Dolores shot a host version of Ford, and some believe Ford somehow uploaded his consciousness into a host body.

When GamesRadar+ questioned the cast, they confirmed that Ford is, indeed, deceased. Evan Rachel Wood thinks Ford surviving “would be too easy. A lot of people have come up to me and they go ‘Ok, I’ve got a theory… Ford was a clone!’ And I’m like, well, if the statistics tell you anything, if everyone thinks that, then you’re probably wrong because that means that’s what they want you to think, so I would think that would be too easy. But I do know that Ford’s dead, so…”

Rodrigo Santoro hedges his bets somewhat, but he does admit, “Dr. Ford is dead” before saying, “The show does play in different timelines though, so you never know.” He adds, “Don’t assume you know something…even for us reading this season it was always reconsidering and thinking ‘Oh, wait a second!’ and you’re constantly trying to put things together.” Santoro does caution against going overboard, however. “But don’t try too hard, just go with it and enjoy the ride because that’s the fun of it as well.”

Actors Simon Quarterman (Lee Sizemore) and Shannon Woodward are a bit more blunt and to the point. Says Quarterman, “Well, Ford’s dead so I don’t really know where they’re going with that one” while Woodward emphatically declares, “Dr. Ford got shot in the head, so he’s dead! He is dead! Dr. Ford is dead! Dr. Ford the human being is dead! Shot in the head.” I think we get the picture – although she didn’t say anything about Ford surviving in robot form…

What do you think Westworld fans? Is Ford truly gone, or will he live on as a host?

3 responses to “Westworld Cast Shares Intriguing Season 2 Hints and Shoots Down Popular Fan Theory”

  1. It seems like he’s dead to me. Maybe they were planning to take it in a kinda Game of Thrones S1 direction: get one really big name actor for the show, someone the viewers are sure will have a big role in the future, and then kill him off at the end of the season to really kick off the catalyst of events that the show is really about.

    At least that’s what it seems to me. Dr. Ford is our Ned Stark of Westworld.

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  2. I agree with the poster above re Dr. Ford.

    Doesn’t sound good for Elsie, does it? I’m swinging back to the fan theory briefly popular during Season 1 that Elsie actually is dead and the host under construction in Ford’s basement was her replacement/double, which is who Shannon Woodward will *really* be playing in Season 2. I know Nolan and/or Joy shot this theory down at the time, but they would, wouldn’t they? 😉

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  3. ManWithNoName,

    That host he was making will definitely come into play at some point this season. Pretty much all of the main actors have said that every seemingly little detail is significant.

    Never thought of it being Elsie… it could be but I don’t see why Ford would care about her since he didn’t care about Theresa’s death. But I don’t have any other ideas about who it would be, aside from Ford himself which apparently its not.

    We’ll find out soon enough!

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