Westworld Roundup: Angela Sarafyan Discusses Clementine’s Future; Jimmi Simpson Reveals His Difficulties with Darker William; James Marsden Ponders Repercussions of AI Advances

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As the week progresses and we inch closer to Westworld‘s third episode of the season this upcoming Sunday, more interviews with the show’s cast have popped up, so let’s take a look!

We start with Angela Sarafyan, who plays Clementine, a character we got to see briefly in the second episode as she assumed the role of piano player during the mainland party flashback. Although we haven’t yet seen much of her, especially in the show’s present timeline, Sarafyan promised to Marie Claire that that will soon change. “You’re going to see her freedom come to fruition. Her strength is definitely going to come out in the next few episodes.”

One of the most impactful shots from this season’s trailer features Clementine, who we see galloping on a horse as dune buggies chase her. Assuming she survives this encounter, will she link up with either Dolores’s (Evan Rachel Wood) or Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) group? When asked if we can expect a reunion between Clementine and Maeve, Sarafyan teased, “I think you’re going to have to tune in to see that.”

Check out Marie Claire‘s full interview with Sarafyan here.

William and James Delos Westworld

The return of Young William (Jimmi Simpson) to the show during the last episode was a welcome one, at least at first, given how much time we spent with him and Dolores throughout the course of the first season. We quickly realized, however, that the William we watched on the screen was a completely different person, one with heightened business acumen and a desire to belittle Dolores, the very same host he fell in love with last season.

This sudden change in tone for the character not only impacted the audience, but impacted Simpson as well, as he explained during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The actor said that one of the first scenes he shot for this season was the one involving his discussion with a naked Dolores while the host is in analysis mode. Simpson explained how challenging this scene was:

“The whole time, I was a wreck. It was such a shift from a character I had spent so much time establishing. It felt like that man who’s so outside of his skin with such a smashed ego, that he is watching himself across the room and thinking: ‘Why is he being such a dick? What’s his problem?’ He’s eating himself alive, he’s falling apart more inside than he’s actually taking her down. That’s what it felt like. It was one of the more incredible scenes I’ve had to act in — and I’ve nailed a woman’s hand to a table! It was a really hard scene to play.”

Simpson also had to come to terms with the fact that his character is no longer the innocent, sweet protagonist in the process of discovering the park with bright eyes, and is instead portrayed as a much darker presence. The actor explained that the on-set dynamic between him and his fellow actors changed as a result. “When I got to Westworld this year, I knew I would have to show up, do some dark shit and get out quick,” says the actor. “It was a completely different experience than when I was part of that sweet love story that supplied the heart of season one. To show up now and be the ball-buster? It was such a different experience. Every day, going to Westworld, I was going to the biggest production I have ever been on — and I was the dark element.”

It remains to be seen how much more we’ll be seeing Simpson’s William throughout the rest of this season, but we can expect his persona to continue descending into darkness for the remainder of his screen time.

Check out THR‘s full interview with Simpson here.

S2 E2_2

Last but certainly not least, James Marsden (Teddy) was recently down in Sydney promoting Westworld‘s second season, and brought up some pretty interesting points regarding AI and the possibilities (and repercussions) of unleashing a new sentient android species upon the world. Cnet was in attendance and covered some of Marsden’s answers.

The actor correctly pointed out that we humans tend to get excited about the newest and shiniest technological advances, and want to pursue these innovations without taking into consideration the full picture:

“Not to be overly cynical about the whole thing, but I know that we are a culture of people who get excited about new. We get excited about progress, we get excited about what’s next. And not always do we think, ‘Should we do this? What are the repercussions of this happening?’ I hope we don’t get to a point where our creation takes over us or renders us obsolete.”

Could Marsden be hinting at what’s to come? The hosts are already beginning to take over and assume control – is their next step rendering humans on the mainland obsolete? Could this goal be somehow tied to the data and DNA collecting of the park’s guests?? So many questions…

The actor is also curious about how fans will continue to react to the power shift taking place. “The whole first season the hosts were the ones that you empathized with,” notes Marsden. “What happens when the power dynamic shifts and this group of people now have the strong hold? It’ll be interesting to see where the audience’s empathies lie.”

You can read Marsden’s full interview here. And of course, let us know what you think!

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