Westworld Roundup: Simon Quarterman Confirms Shannon Woodward’s Return; Ed Harris Opens Up About MIB’s Violent Nature; Westworld Earns Golden Trailer Awards Noms

Elsie Teddy and Dolores on Westworld

After the end of season 1, many of the characters we came to know and love had uncertain futures ahead of them. Would we ever see Young William (Jimmi Simpson) or Logan (Ben Barnes) in another flashback? Would Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) outlaw sidekick Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) ever emerge alive and functional post-gunfight and grace our screens once again?

Luckily, all of the above-mentioned characters have already made it back into the narrative, at least for an episode or two. That being said, there’s still one character missing who, until very recently, was uncertain to return – the one and only Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward). Luckily, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Simon Quarterman (Lee Sizemore) confirmed that Elsie is indeed alive, and after doing a bit of digging, we found that she looks to be returning to our screens very soon!

Elsie’s future was left very much up in the air last time we saw her, to the point where we were unsure whether or not she made it out of her predicament alive. When asked if the Delos programmer is indeed still alive and well somewhere in the park, Quarterman answered, “Oh, she is! … that’s out, I can say that. Elsie is alive. We’re allowed to say that, I think.”

It’s funny how even though Quarterman knows he’s allowed to talk about Woodward’s return, he’s still a bit unsure about revealing the secret, which shows just how serious co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy are about keeping spoiler-y details under wraps.

So when can we expect Elsie to actually return? Well, if you check out IMDb, the actress is billed for this upcoming Sunday’s episode, “The Riddle of the Sphinx”! Now, of course, this has to be taken with a grain of salt, since IMDb pages can be edited by random people with a Pro account, but it’s still exciting to think that we may finally have Elsie back in our lives as soon as tomorrow!

One other thought…since we know at this point that Nolan and Joy only provide fragments of scripts to actors to perform their scenes, and withhold information not applicable to their characters, does Quarterman’s knowledge of Elsie’s current state mean that she and him have scenes together? Could Sizemore, Maeve, and the rest of their traveling troupe perhaps stumble upon Elsie as they traverse their way to find Maeve’s daughter? What do you think?

Check out EW’s full article here.

S2 E2_4

Westworld is known for many amazing things that raise it to a caliber rarely seen on television, and it’s incredibly talented ensemble cast is certainly a major factor influencing the show’s acclaim and success. One of Hollywood’s veterans that the show was lucky enough nab is the one and only Ed Harris (Man In Black), whose career as an actor has spanned over 40 years.

Speaking with Men’s Journal about his career in the spotlight, Harris opened up about his feelings regarding the MIB’s violent nature. “I don’t feel great about adding to the amount of violence in the world, but I’m not killing people; they’re robots,” claims the actor. “They’re the protagonists. That’s how I rationalize it.”

So, for Harris, it seems he makes a clear distinction between Westworld‘s humans and androids, regardless of how lifelike and sentient the hosts have become. But what about his feelings regarding the digital and technological age we now find ourselves immersed in in the real world? “I’d rather be outside chopping wood or something than sitting at a computer,” admits the actor. “A generation ago, there weren’t cell phones recording you doing idiotic effing things. I can’t imagine what this world’s going to be like when my daughter is my age.”

The old school man’s man persona Harris portrays so well on the show seems to be something he values quite a lot in the real world as well. And I can’t say I blame him – technological advances absolutely make our lives easier in countless ways, but the dangers that come along with them are very real, and sometimes, no amount of tech can beat the therapeutic qualities of disconnecting and perhaps even spending some time in nature chopping wood.

Check out Men’s Journal‘s full interview with Harris here, during which he also talks about how he’s coped with baldness and turned it into an advantage.

Dolores and Teddy Westworld

As Westworld‘s sophomore run continues on HBO, the latest season is already enjoying its first batch of award nominations courtesy of the 19th Annual Golden Trailer Awards, being hosted May 31 at The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. Unlike the typical Emmy or Golden Globe nominations, these latest noms honor the creative forces behind season 2’s trailers, which helped build an incredible amount of hype earlier this year before the show’s premiere last month.

According to Variety, Westworld has earned 7 nominations, tied for second-most among all films and television shows being honored. A few of the noms include:

Best Drama (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series): Westworld Season 2, “Locked Inside,” HBO, Jax

Best Horror / Thriller (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series): Westworld Season 2, “New Chaos,” HBO, Motive

Best Original Score (TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series): Westworld Season 2, “Locked Inside,” HBO, Jax AND Westworld Season 2, “Beautiful World – Super Bowl,” HBO, Jax

Best Sound Editing (in a TV Spot / Trailer / Teaser for a series): Westworld Season 2, “30TV “Revenge,” HBO, Aspect

Given the quality of trailers for this season, I’d be surprised if Westworld doesn’t nab at least a win or two. Make sure to come back at the end of the month to find out how many awards the show takes home!

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