Westworld Roundup: Thandie Newton Shocked by Emmy Win; Cast Members React to Aaron Paul News

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Westworld news is few and far between these days, but we do have some tidbits to share after last week’s Emmy Awards. Thandie Newton admits her surprise at her Emmy win, and she and several other Westworld actors share their feelings about Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul being cast for season three. Luke Hemsworth also calls out his siblings for not watching the show and remarks on the secrecy surrounding next season.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Thandie Newton after she took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress. Despite being more than deserving of the win, Newton still couldn’t believe it. “You’d think that I’d be a little bit prepared, but no, complete and utter shock,” she confesses. “Looking at the category I was in, I mean, the best supporting actress, a supporting woman, the empowerment in all those roles, the inspiration…I’ve been playing Maeve for two seasons now, and I kind of thought that season one, but after that, you know, the time was gone for awards. But here I am!”

When asked how she feels about Aaron Paul joining the cast, she’s definitely on board. “We have such strong actors on the show and to have someone of his caliber, and he’s got such great energy, it’s exciting. I have no idea what character he’s going to play or anything, so it’s very intriguing too.” Check out her entire interview below.

Us Weekly spoke to several of the cast to get their thoughts on the Paul news, all of whom were pleased at the announcement – although they are equally in the dark about his character. Ed Harris thinks it’s “great,” saying “He’s a wonderful actor, cool guy, so I’m not sure what his character will be, but the more, the better.”

Ben Barnes was even more enthusiastic. “It just got very exciting, very exciting. I love Breaking Bad and, you know, I’ve met Aaron a few times and I think he’d be such an exciting addition. He’s such a kind of unexpected addition to that cast. I wouldn’t have predicted that,” he admits. “When new people are cast that you already know their body of work, you kind of … it’s a catalyst for speculation. I wonder if he’s going to be security at the park or I wonder if he’s going to be a host himself. I wonder what role he’ll be. You can’t ever imagine it as well as the creators of the show can.”

Barnes confirms he knows “nothing about [Paul’s] character.” Not only that, he says the rest of the cast knows “nothing about our characters. We don’t know which of our characters will come back or not, because I ended up, you know, not very alive.” Well, that’s one way to put it Ben. There are always flashbacks – we can’t rule out Logan’s return just yet.

Jeffrey Wright avoided answering any questions about Paul’s role, saying only, “If you slap me your email address, I’ll send you the first script.” I’m pretty sure the Westworld showrunners would send him to cold storage for that transgression!

Entertainment Tonight also spoke with Luke Hemsworth to get his reaction to the Paul casting. He responds, “Great! Yeah, what a legend. Happy to have him. Bring him on.” Hemsworth is no wiser than the rest of the cast about what role he will play, and doesn’t even know much about season 3 as a whole. “It’s so far under lock and key that I don’t think [the showrunners] even know. When asked about comments that there is a “radical shift” coming next season, Hemsworth replies, “You’ve heard more than I have.” He adds, “We don’t start shooting until 2025 or something like that.” That’s a joke, right? Right??

Hemsworth may not know much about the future of Westworld, but one thing he does know is that his brothers and fellow actors, Chris and Liam, aren’t big fans of the show. Their mother watches religiously, but his siblings apparently can’t be bothered. Hemworth jokes, “I just think that maybe they don’t like me. I don’t think they have the attention span to watch it – that’s my better answer. It’s too smart for them.” Don’t worry guys, it’s even too smart for us hardcore fans at times!

Watch the rest of Hemworth’s interview here.

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