Complete Breakdown of New Westworld Season 3 Trailer!

Westworld season 3 Bernard Lowe

Last weekend at San Diego Comic Con Westworld gave us an exciting, thought-provoking trailer for season three! It was the second trailer for the season, with the first released just prior to the Game of Thrones finale in May. Filming is still underway with no release date announced (other than sometime in 2020), so while we wait let’s enter analysis mode for a scene by scene breakdown!

The trailer begins with a Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) voiceover, saying, “We all have our role to play. There are machines in this world, but not like us. You and I have no mother, no father – we’re alone. Outnumbered.” We see several shots of what appears to be the “real” world – futuristic buildings and vehicles, with host Charlotte (Tessa Thompson) exiting one of them. Dolores seems to be talking to Charlotte here; perhaps they are preparing to make plans for their survival and eventual takeover. Host Charlotte should have no problem infiltrating Delos, as they don’t know the real Charlotte is dead. Perhaps the below shot is from Delos headquarters.

Westworld 1

We see Dolores and Charlotte in Arnold’s home, which they appear to have made their base of operations. Dolores chooses a “pearl” (control unit) for Charlotte, and from the color it may be a human/host hybrid. Human control units are red, while the hosts’ are black. The one Dolores holds looks to be a mix of both. Maybe she combined Charlotte’s memories with a host’s programming – someone who would be loyal. Teddy would be a perfect choice, especially since Teddy’s “consciousness” now exists in the Sublime.

Westworld 2 Westworld 3

Dolores then says, “We have to be smarter than them or they’ll find us, and they will kill us. I’m gonna show this world for what it really is.” We see men searching in a tunnel with flashlights, then a figure with a gun behind his? her? back approaching a man aiming his weapon at an open vehicle.

Westworld 4 Westworld 5 Westworld 6

The next scene shows Caleb (Aaron Paul) cradling an injured Dolores in that same tunnel. This is likely their introduction to each other – and the continuation of a scene from the first trailer, in which Caleb sees Dolores holding her stomach and asks if she needs help. This could be a ploy to earn his sympathy and trust so she can enlist his help for whatever she has planned. Maybe forming a relationship with a human could change her perspective, or maybe it will strengthen her resolve to destroy humanity even more.

Westworld 7

We then hear Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) ask, “Why’d she bring you back?” as we see a shot of a rural location with tents and some sort of industrial looking buildings in the background. We see Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) with a shaved head and longer beard. We know Dolores rebuilt him outside of the park, in Arnold’s house on the “mainland,” so where could he have gone, and how long has he been there?

Westworld 8

Bernard says, “Ford made each of us for a reason, even Dolores,” as he digs inside of his arm in one of the tents.

Westworld 9 Westworld 10

There is brief shot of Dolores in a room in the city – not Arnold’s home, but what looks to be a fancy apartment.

Westworld 11

The camera cuts back to Bernard, who tells someone (presumably Stubbs), “I came back to find someone who could help me, someone strong enough to stop her – if it comes to that.”

Westworld 12

Bernard and Stubbs enter Cold Storage inside the Delos park facility, looking for hosts, or maybe one host in particular.

Westworld 13 Westworld 14

Maeve’s (Thandie Newton) voice chimes in with, “These violent delights have violent ends.” We see Maeve in 1940s attire, with a bloodied man behind her. “We’ll Meet Again” begins to play as she opens a window overlooking a town square full of tanks and Nazi soldiers holding civilians at gunpoint. Welcome to War World. This is the fourth park we have seen (with the others being Westworld, Shogun World, and Raj World). Do Bernard and Stubbs put her there (surely she is the host Bernard is looking for to help fight Dolores), or was she reassigned by park staff as part of the rebuilding process?

Westworld 15Westworld 16

Maeve emerges into the square trailed by Hector (Rodrigo Santoro). Is this part of Maeve’s new story, or has she gone rogue again?

Westworld 17

The trailer cuts back to Dolores, who walks through a party and later what looks like a corporate building – perhaps she is infiltrating Delos as well?

Westworld 18 Westworld 19Westworld 20

We see Maeve again, kissing Hector. Is this a farewell kiss? Part of her script? It’s difficult to tell what’s happening with her story.

Westworld 21

Dolores holds Charlotte in bed, so their relationship appears to be getting closer. If Charlotte is combined with Teddy, it would make sense for Dolores to show affection, although she could certainly be developing feelings for someone else. She took five control units from the park – one for Bernard, one possibly a Charlotte and Teddy combination, and three others. She may build bodies for those three, or use them in Charlotte’s body, or her own. It will be hard to trust that the character we see is really who we believe it to be.

Westworld 22

Dolores then walks down an underground corridor with Caleb, Lena Waithe‘s and Kid Cudi‘s characters, and a man with glasses. We saw Caleb with Waithe and Cudi’s characters in the first trailer committing a robbery together, but the other man is someone we haven’t seen yet. He may be a Delos employee who Dolores gets to help her, whether willingly or unwillingly. Dolores’ voice chimes in, “I thought your world would be so different from mine. There isn’t any difference at all is there?”

Westworld 23

Dolores walks through another building which may be part of Delos. She may learn from Caleb that most humans in the real world are just as oppressed by the wealthy and powerful as the hosts are inside the park. Instead of destroying all humanity, she may want to free it from people like those at Delos, instead.

Westworld 24

We then see Maeve in an entirely different setting, with modern clothes – has she made it outside of the park?

Westworld 25

We get a shot of what may be Maeve’s arm, with dried blood on her sleeve. She, or someone else, may have recently accessed the port in her arm.

Westworld 26

It cuts back to Dolores meeting with the man in glasses, holding a champagne glass. He looks at Dolores with concern. This could be outside the apartment we saw earlier.

Westworld 27Westworld 28

A team of armed men shoots a robot. Robots outside the park are built to be helpers for specific tasks, so perhaps someone has hijacked this one. If Dolores or Charlotte programs them to turn on their makers, it could mean big trouble for humanity.

Westworld 29

We hear Charlotte say, “It won’t take much to bring it all crashing down” as she looks over a riot control robot. She seems to be thinking about putting it to good use – likely against Delos.

Westworld 30 Westworld 31 Westworld 32

Stubbs – who was revealed as a host last season – prepares to do battle inside a Delos park facility. He grabs an axe from a rather medieval looking host. It seems we now know the theme of the fifth park (out of six total). Is this a Game of Thrones crossover? Westeros World? Will Dolores team up with Daenerys? I kid, but a girl can hope!

Westworld 33

Bernard gets in on the action as well, shoving a man (maybe a tech?) dressed like a butcher in a room full of meat. I’m not sure if this is somewhere in the Delos park facility or outside the park entirely.

Westworld 34

We see Charlotte alone next to a modern building, possibly part of Delos.

Westworld 35

Men shove Caleb on the ledge of a building. It looks like he’s in trouble, but perhaps Dolores will save him.

Westworld 36Westworld 37

Maeve and Hector run toward a WWII era plane.

Westworld 38

A man shoots up toward a robot – perhaps the same one being taken down in an earlier scene.

Westworld 39

Dolores whirls around and begins shooting at someone. She is wearing the same dress from the scene where she is injured in Caleb’s arms. Does this lead up to that encounter?

Westworld 40Westworld 41

We then see her with her wrists apparently bound inside a vehicle. This could be an entirely different scene, or maybe this sequence is reversed and she escapes her captors.

Westworld 42

William, aka the Man in Black (Ed Harris) shoots at someone? something? before looking up as blood drips down on him. He was injured at the end of last season and we don’t know his immediate fate. Does he face any consequences for killing his daughter and Delos security forces in the park, or is he out free? Is this sequence from sometime far in the future – like his fidelity test at the very end of season two? If this is the current timeline, then I suspect Dolores will be coming for him.

Westworld 43Westworld 44

Caleb holds a gun to Bernard. Will Dolores intervene on Bernard’s behalf, or will they remain enemies?

Westworld 45

Maeve fights Nazi soldiers inside the park. It’s difficult to imagine this as part of her script, so maybe she is starting another rebellion.

Westworld 46

We see Vincent Cassel, who was said to be playing a key villain role this season. He could be an important figure within Delos, or someone else entirely.

Westworld 47

The last shot is of Charlotte turning to shoot at someone – is it the men in the above photo? Violent ends, indeed.

Westworld 48

What did you think of the trailer? Did you catch anything I missed? Speculate away in the comments!




“These violent delights have violent ends.” We’ll meet again plays.



“I thought your world would be so different from mine. There isn’t any difference at all is there?”



“It won’t take much to bring it all crashing down.”



3 responses to “Complete Breakdown of New Westworld Season 3 Trailer!”

  1. This trailer really builds the anticipation for Season 3! And it’s a great song for it.

    “This could be a ploy to earn his sympathy and trust so she can enlist his help for whatever she has planned. ”

    Or she’s actually been attacked in the tunnel and he helps her.

    “This is the fourth park we have seen (with the others being Westworld, Shogun World, and Raj World).”

    That last one is just called The Raj.

    “He grabs an axe from a rather medieval looking host. It seems we now know the theme of the fifth park (out of six total). ”

    Well spotted. Unless it’s from an idea for a park that didn’t take off, or one of the senior staff has a medieval collecting hobby.

    “If this is the current timeline”

    Time*frame*. Everything in the same universe (as opposed to a parallel reality) is the same timeline.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Caleb learns Dolores is a host and helps her against his own kind anyway.

      Quote  Reply

  2. Noneofyourbusiness,

    Thinking it will probably be something like this. It will probably work both ways with Caleb acting as a human figure for Dolores to realize that not all humans are like those she’s encountered in the park.

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