Westworld Post Mortem of “Decoherence”


The Westworld action was nonstop on Sunday, with Nazi killing, Charlotte in Terminator mode, and William beating himself up – literally. The battle between Dolores and Serac is coming to a head with only two episodes left to go in season three. While we wait to see who comes out on top, let’s take a look back at “Decoherence” with this week’s interviews and videos!


Speaking to DeadlineEd Harris declines to confirm the theory that William is a host, but says, “I don’t think the viewing public knows for sure, no. But by the end of the season, you know for sure.” Regardless, William is quite a unique character. Harris admits, “it’s a fascinating role because [there are] all kinds of things that are happening to him, and he’s trying to figure a lot of things out, along with everybody else. And so, as much as anguish, there’s a bit of confusion, and there’s a fervent attempt to kind of get to the bottom of what’s going on with himself at this point.”

Harris continues, “First of all, he’s in this, whatever facility he’s in. He’s trapped. He’s in this white jumpsuit. He has no real power to get out of here and get out of this place, and in this, they put these glasses on his head, then he’s in this trippy loop or whatever it is, and yeah, he kind of eradicates all these aspects of himself, and feels like he has cleared that away, and that he’s free, and that he knows what his purpose is now.” What will William do with this newfound freedom?

In Vulture, Harris elaborates on William’s state of mind. “I think he demolishes these aspects of himself. At this point, he feels like he’s one whole individual. He knows who he is. He knows he’s responsible for the mayhem that has ensued out of the park. His goal is to rectify it.” Do that mean joining Team Dolores or Team Serac? Harris adds, “I don’t know whether I have free will or not or if it’s all ordained. What’s the difference? You’ve still gotta do what you’ve gotta do. But I think that he feels he has his own free will. He makes his choices based on the moment and what he feels is correct to do. Whether that’s true or not, who knows?”

Harris admits season three hasn’t been the most fun he’s had playing William, saying, “I signed on to play the Man in Black. I didn’t sign on to play the Man in White. So it wasn’t the most joyous season for me, I gotta say…it’s hard to feel like something I’m really enjoying doing.” Considering the nightmarish ride William has been on so far, I can’t say I blame him.


The Hollywood Reporter brings us an interview with Tessa Thompson, who talks about the divergence of her copy of Dolores from the real Dolores. “I think she has the consciousness of Dolores, certainly is on the mission that Dolores is on, and Dolores has this take about humanity which is entirely influenced by her experience with humanity…This version of herself now has experienced the child that loves and needs her with a partner that loves and needs her, and that changes her perception of human beings. So, her idea about this mission, which is essentially the destruction of human beings, begins to falter.”

Of course, Charlotte also saw the worst of humanity this week. Thompson admits, “Seeing what humanity can do — and also seeing the cost of her own mission, which is the destruction of this little boy, the destruction of this loved one that she doesn’t personally feel for but empathizes with — she now has a new mission.” She adds, “This new version of Charlotte is now having to contend with all of Charlotte’s mistakes, she has to internalize her own regret for not getting to be there as much as she wanted to as a mother…This is a deeply sentient being, a being that’s more capable arguably than humans of empathy. I think that moment of realizing that she wasn’t able to save Nathan and save her ex is really, really heartbreaking, really and truly, and sets her on a whole new course.”

Finally we have some good news – HBO has announced Westworld has been renewed for season four! In the press release, president of HBO Programming, Casey Bloys, states, “From the western theme park to the technocratic metropolis of the near future, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn from the minds of master storytellers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. We can’t wait to see where their inspired vision takes us next.” Neither can we!

This week’s “Creating Westworld’s Reality” gives us a behind the scenes look at Charlotte’s explosive final scene:

Don’t miss the preview for Sunday’s episode, “Passed Pawn” – check it out below:

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