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Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?
I’ve been following HBO’s ambitious new series since pre-production and after season 1, I’ve only fallen further down a desert-like rabbit hole. Before I knew about Westworld (1973), I read the premise about a theme-park-like exhibit where the robotic hosts became too sentient and began lashing out. Then I saw the original story was written and directed by Jurassic Park‘s Michael Crichton and my interest increased to the maximum Level 20. The series has yet to disappoint and I’m more than ecstatic to analyze everything from Dr. Ford’s creation of Westworld to the fall of Arnold and the mindf*ck that is The Maze.
Unlike my Game of Thrones-style of watching, (where I completely immerse myself in Westeros and try to theorize every possible outcome) with Westworld, I’ve sat back and let the season unfold while wondering where it will go. I’ve strayed away from theories which made major reveals to be truly jaw-dropping. 
My favorite characters are Maeve and Bernard and I chose the black hat. 
You can find me on at Watchers on The Wall, or blaring Ramin Djawadi’s epic score.

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