Angela Sarafyan on Westworld “Going to the Next Level”

And the future of Clementine


Aside from saying goodbye to Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton), Angela Sarafyan (the O.G. Clementine) was actually in one of the biggest scenes in the season finale of Westworld. With Marie Claire, she reveals her new role, reminiscences about working with Anthony Hopkins, and delves into her season two fan theories.

Beware of spoilers for season one!

When asked about her character’s fate, Sarafyan dropped a major detail that may have been overlooked in the season finale:

I hope that she is [around next season]. She shot Ed Harris’s character in the shoulder, so I have hope that she’ll show up for season two.

She compares her character’s new state to the hosts being “awake in a different way.”

Sarafyan even got to share a scene with actor Anthony Hopkins and witness the range of his talents:

Anthony Hopkins is the kindest, sweetest, most creative person I’ve met. He did something really insane between takes, out of nowhere. He started doing the lines from Silence of the Lambs, and I was like, “Oh, my God – is this happening right now?” It was surreal. His voice changed, his demeanor changed, everything changed. He’s a chameleon; in a matter of seconds, he becomes something else.

She also sees chaos on the horizon for Westworld.

I feel like a war is about to begin. This is just a guess, but looking at where things ended, now it’s going to the next level. The hosts are no longer under the control of these people – now it’s time to fight back.

She ends by beautifully summarizing the experience of community in the fandom:

It’s kind of a collaborative relationship. Westworld requires the investment of the people watching, and that’s what I love about it. It changed my life. When I read the script, I was like, “This is going to change the way I think about my own life. The way I see myself, the people around me, and the way I choose to exist.” That’s what great material does. It transcends just being pop cultural entertainment and actually involves the mind. It’s really fun, and when I see the reactions and theories, it makes me really excited. That’s why I act.

Her shared passion for Westworld shines through the interview as she expands on the possibilities of other parks, what that could mean for season two, and the hosts’ understanding of empathy at Marie Claire!

Did you see Clementine when she shot the Man in Black? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

2 responses to “Angela Sarafyan on Westworld “Going to the Next Level””

  1. Oh I really hope we see Clementine next season! I presume we will, but I have my fingers crossed nonetheless!
    Angela has been wonderful this season, she seems like such a sweet and lovely person IRL too!
    I read an interview with her previously and I loved hearing her nerd out over her fight scene because she got to use her ballet skills in the fight choreography, and you can totally tell she’s trained in ballet because she’s so precise and graceful!

    The scene where she tells Maeve her dreams of earning enough money to move her family far away somewhere cold was wonderfully acted, so much emotion! I really really want to see more from Clementine and Maeve next season, it’s one of my favourite relationships on the show!

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