Westworld Season 2 Episode 7, “Les Écorchés” – Open Chat; Plus Second Teaser with New Footage!

Elsie Westworld

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7 “Les Écorchés”

Writers: Jordan Goldberg and Ron Fitzgerald
Director: Nicole Kassell
Runtime: 59 minutes
Content Warnings: TV-MA: Adult Language

Synopsis: Strike the match.

We have bonus video today, as the Westworld twitter account released a new teaser (really more of a late season trailer) with new footage from the final episodes of the season!

We see more of Ford and Bernard interacting – I assume this is still in the Cradle, but it’s difficult to tell without the aspect ratio. Bernard mentions all the hosts are going to the same place and asks what’s at the end of Ford’s story. There are scenes of fighting and destruction inside the Mesa which we will certainly see tonight, but we also see confrontations between old William and both Maeve and Dolores. There is a scene with Maeve on what looks like a stretcher with Dolores by her side, so it seems Maeve will take on some extensive damage in an upcoming episode.

We even see Ford and William in a bar together, and Ford slides him what could be a card key – to a door perhaps? William looks like he is in his formal wear from the gala, so this may be a flashback and not Ford in a new body. At the end, Ford tells Bernard, “The passage from one world to the next requires bold steps.” Then we see the image of Bernard shooting a machine gun that was in one of the earlier trailers. Has he sided with the hosts at last?

What do you think of this new footage? Please have consideration for your fellow fans and refrain from spoilers until after the episode starts at 9:00 pm EDT.

Have fun!

32 responses to “Westworld Season 2 Episode 7, “Les Écorchés” – Open Chat; Plus Second Teaser with New Footage!”

  1. there is another that has more!!! I found it while looking and listening to all the other posts about the last episode and the next. It has a LOT more! I am not sure if this person has an inside scoop or not because I can’t find it any place else. Email me and I will send to you – you can decide if you want to post it…its his thoughts and his scenario.

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  2. Bernard mentions all the hosts are going to the same place —– I think that is why many of them were found floating in the water that Ford made and nobody knew about.

    Also…on the Delos website it says the Cradle has been destroyed. You destroy the Cradle you destroy every hosts duplicate and everything they are used to being told – their loops – and, without a body……you destroy Ford. Does he have a body and when is the timeline for the cradle destruction?

    Wow…. Teddy is shooting at Dolores — yea for him…..and bad for him too as we see a dead body later.

    Is that a KEY to the DOOR that Ford passes to MIB?

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  3. Barbara,

    I think the Cradle gets destroyed soon – maybe tonight. I think Bernard will take the Ford red pearl out of the Cradle first.

    A passkey would be my guess!

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  4. Pretty damn good episode last night. Some thoughts:

    -I had a feeling Ford was going to trap Bernard in some fashion… feel bad for the guy. To have free will and then have it taken from you and be a backseat passenger to the awful things you are doing must suck.
    -That being said, I’m just getting more and more confused as to what Ford’s endgame is. That guy confuses the hell outta me.
    -That scene of the hosts traveling through the burning tunnel is so badass. Gave me goosebumps to the max, and is probably my favorite image of the season so far.
    -I really thought Dolores was going to saw Charlotte’s head in half… would have been so brutal but so satisfying. And I kinda like Charlotte too. I still would’ve cheered.
    -Sizemore better be bringing Maeve back online next episode. Pretty obvious that she won’t be leaving our story so soon, but I don’t want her missing any episodes completely, especially this late in the season. And Sizemore needs to redeem himself big time after that stunt he pulled last episode.

    Well, it really feels like we’ll be tying this season up soon… I’m getting real “end-game” feelings. The battle at the Mesa was everything I had hoped for, and I think the season is just starting to pick up, too.

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  5. those timelines are throwing me off

    We already see Bernard see the body of water filled with bodies.. when did that happen? Cause when that happened nobody new yet that Bernard was a host.
    However in this episode QA said to Bernard “I guess were going back to the valley beyond”

    Im confused!

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  6. Dee Stark,

    When Bernard went with Strand’s team in the season premiere – and they found the host bodies in the sea – that was approximately 11 days after the gala and Dolores killing Ford (according to information on the Delos Destinations website). Strand and his team carried the host bodies back the the Mesa and began draining the sea. They met up with Charlotte at the Mesa, who told them they lost Abernathy’s data again (which happened during the Mesa attack in tonight’s episode). The attack likely happened a couple of days prior to Strand’s team arriving.

    The most recent events happened in tonight’s episode. Hale and Strand found the Bernard bodies, interrogated him, and discovered the location of Abernathy’s control unit full of data – which is the same location where the drowned hosts were found, the Valley Beyond. They will have to return there; I believe there is an underground facility under all that water. They should have finished draining it by now and will be able to go inside and investigate.

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  7. Vanessa Cole,

    Okay, question is, why did Bernard go with Strand and the team? And are you essentially saying that Bernard and Strand seeing the host bodies in the sea happened at the same time as the events at the Mesa continued to unfold? Cause I mean, Bernard was at the Mesa during some of the savagery.

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  8. Dee Stark,

    The events that happened in last night’s episode (where Hale and Strand find the lot of Bernard host bodies and interrogate him) happen after the attack on the Mesa. So the apparent timeline of these events is as follows:

    -The attack on the Mesa occurs, where Hale and Stubbs are held up by Dolores and Teddy and they take Abernathy and escape somewhere (presumably going to the Valley Beyond). Angela also blows up the Cradle (RIP Angela). Nobody important sees Bernard during the attack on the Mesa besides Elsie, so we can assume nobody besides Elsie knew he was even there.
    -Bernard wakes up on the beach with all the drowned hosts, where he meets Strand for the first time and Stubbs vouches for him that he is indeed human and works for Delos. We are not certain when this is in comparison to the Mesa attack, but we can assume most likely a couple of days later.
    -Strand takes Bernard and Stubbs back to the Mesa, where they meet up with Hale. She acts pretty weird to Bernard, but as far as we know the last time she saw him was when they first found Abernathy as a prisoner to that weird milk-loving host, before she escapes and leaves him behind.
    -They go down to Ford’s secret lab below his old family home, where Teresa was murdered. They accuse Stubbs of murdering Teresa, when Bernard is about to speak up about it to save him. Before he says anything, they find the secret room in the secret lab with all the spare Bernard host bodies. They discover Bernard is a host and begin to torture him to find out where Abernathy was taken (how they know that Bernard knows where Abernathy is is beyond me).
    -Bernard then tells them where Abernathy is, which I guess is the same sector as the Valley Beyond. Strand and the team, along with Bernard, start their travels to the Valley.

    Confusing timeline for sure, but this is what they’ve given us so far. So presumably Strand finding Bernard and all those host bodies happen probably a couple of days after the attack on the Mesa.

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  9. Barbara,

    Well the sea wasn’t there to begin with, so the water had to get there somehow. And they are definitely using “sea” as another word for a lake, since a sea is the part of the ocean that is enclosed by land. But I don’t think this is a part of the ocean. I may be wrong there. So if I am wrong and it is actually a sea, apart of the ocean, then I have no clue how they’d drain it. I mean maybe what I write below can also apply to a sea, I’m not sure.

    Lakes can be made, though. Usually using lots of water trucks and pumps, I believe. I’m not an expert, but lakes can be drained in essentially the same way they can be created; with pumps and water trucks. Just the same process reversed.

    Again, I’m no expert so I may be wrong with the technicalities. But I’m certain that draining and creating lakes are possible. And with future technology of the time period that the show is set in, I imagine it is even easier for them.

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  10. I understand a lake being drained, but not a “sea”…..considering how deep and large it is. But the magic of tv can do anything……

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  11. Barbara,

    I think with enough time and effort any body of water can be drained. As long as they have somewhere to put all the water. So this “sea” is just a flooded valley, anyway, and not an actual sea. It looks big in the picture, but really no bigger than a medium sized lake. It shouldn’t be all that hard if Delos is using all their resources to drain it, although I’ll admit if it is drained already that was mighty quick. This current timeline of Strand’s team and Bernard heading to the Valley can’t be more than a couple of days after Bernard was found on the beach, which isn’t long at all. I can’t put anything past a determined Delos, though. They seem like they can accomplish anything; besides stop a host revolution, that is. It’s not their fault; the IP in the hosts’ brains far exceed the power of the human mind 🙂

    I’m not too nitpicky about timelines with sci-fi/fantasy, though, so the speed of the Valley-draining project doesn’t bother me. I just sit back and watch the magic happen!

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  12. Im just thinking if its as big and as deep as Ford was digging when he was talking to Theresa, it’s gonna take a while. And Im sure they brought all the equipment with them……jus sayin

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  13. Barbara,

    I know I’m agreeing with you, the timing aspect of getting the valley drained isn’t exactly the most logical. But oh well, who knows what technology can do 30+ years from now. The stuff they have is just insane in this show.

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  14. I think that I finally have the timing figured out, thanks to a few re-watches and a conversation with my son. Any time Strand is around, it is “present day” or two weeks after Ford’s death. We still have yet to see how Bernard ends up unconscious on the beach.

    IMO, the character of Charlotte is a failure. I understand that she is surrounded by tremendous talent in Hopkins, Harris, Wright and Newton but Thompson is a one-note actress. I get pulled out of every scene that she is in. Her facial expressions and line readings are amateurish. To be fair, the writing hasn’t done her any favors. She offers nothing but smug condescension in every scene. Was there no other way to portray a young, powerful, female corporate executive? I was very happy when that bone saw was aimed at her skull. Sigh – maybe next week.

    The security guys are quite inept. There has been little suspense – you just know that Dolores & Company are going to kill them in horrible fashion.

    I enjoyed this episode because our main characters crossed paths. Those are the interactions that I want to witness. When everyone is off riding around in different directions, it becomes tedious.

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  15. Charlotte is hiding a secret – she’s working for someone else – not Delos. That last crew that landed were only there for her and Abernathy. Forget anyone else. Even Stubbs was left with .. who are these guys?

    Ford is now in Bernard and has to find a way out “alive” when the Cradle is destroyed. The only way out of Westworld is in someone else. If Bernard survives, he’s all set. Otherwise, everyone is only within the network of Westworld. Should be interesting.

    I wondered all along why Ford didn’t do anything about the secret labs on the propery – now I know why. I can honestly say I am surprised and let down. I would guess that Ford was left with no choice when William came and said, do it our way or shut down and we will go on without you. Sad.

    Now Ford is trying to release the hosts from their loops. He has come to see that they were never meant to “live” like this. But, what will become of them …..

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  16. Dee Stark,

    Perhaps. I know that she is a popular young actress but I have not seen any of her other work. I believe that she is miscast in the role. The direction has failed her as well. Her character is similar to Theresa’s role although Charlotte is higher up in the corporate hierarchy. Sidse Babett Knudsen was able to convey disregard for the hosts, condescension for the techs, and wariness about the what the park/Ford was doing. It was a much more layered performance. I wish that we had more of that in Charlotte. She is very difficult to watch.

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  17. Dee Stark,


    Yeah, I liked her in Creed and Annihilation. But those movies were also just really good in general. I’ve also heard she’s good in Thor: Ragnorok but I haven’t seen that yet. I thought Tessa did really well in season one of Westworld though. I don’t really think she’s doing a bad job this season, but her role has definitely been reduced. I’m expecting a sort of twist coming from her storyline though, like Barbara, said. I’m not wholly convinced she works for Delos either.

    Theresa was an awesome, really well written character though. Definitely liked her more than Charlotte’s character.

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  18. Also, something I caught last night on my rewatch that sounded pretty heavy:

    Ford tells Bernard in the Cradle, “I don’t think God rested on the 7th day, Bernard, I think he reveled in his creation. Knowing that someday it would all be destroyed.”

    I find myself wondering where this journey ends. I mean, if the hosts make it to the outside world, which Dolores has stated that she wants to take it from the humans, how far can they really get? Sure, they are dispatching the Delos security teams easily enough, but how are they ever going to compete with actual armies, with nuclear weapons?

    It sort of sounds to me like Ford knows they are doomed to fail. Dolores has also stated that she knows where the journey ends, and she’s continuing her journey anyway; so either she sees a different ending, or she’s okay with the destruction of the hosts, maybe because it just means an end to their suffering, now that their backups are destroyed as well.

    My other guess, which is not as tin-foiled, is that Ford just meant that Westworld the theme park would someday be destroyed, and not the hosts themselves. I really hope this is what he meant.

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  19. Jaehaerys,

    Excellent questions. It makes one wonder what the story line for S3 will be. Hosts out in the real world? There is a lot that needs to be done in a few episodes to make that compelling and plausible.

    Here is another thing that I had issue with in this episode: Strand dragging Bernard and Stubbs into Ford’s simulated boyhood home because he suspects that they were complicit in Theresa’s death. While questioning the manner of her death was overdue (IMO), the entire scene appeared to be a set-up of the big reveal of multiple Bernards in the closet. Suddenly, Charlotte was there. For whatever reason, they think that Stubbs killed Theresa without establishing why he would do it.

    It seems that we are moving from scene to scene because certain characters need to be in certain places for the story to move forward. Sometimes there isn’t a logical connection between these scenes. I guess that I’m OK with it as long as it plays out in the end to something meaningful.

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  20. Maybe Stubbs was brought in to make Bernard talk. If they accuse one of the others he works with they think he will confess and tell them more. Same thing on the beach- if they show them killing hosts possibly that will make Bernard tell them things they don’t think he is. I think Charlotte already had suspicions that Bernard was a host.

    Ford wants the hosts free now. He is battling Delos from the Cradle and through Bernard. What will happen to them is anybodys guess since they have no idea what to do beyond their loops. Dolores thinks she does, but …not really.

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  21. Barbara,

    That’s certainly a possibility. Up to that point, Strand and (maybe) Charlotte believed that Bernard knew more than he was telling. Then they find out that he is a host and start waterboarding him for information.

    One other thing about Stubbs: at the start of the episode , he tells Bernard they should call for help. Who were they going to call?

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  22. mariamb,

    Hosts out in the real world-well, Dolores plan is/was to take over and eliminate humans. She is still on that path and kills whoever is in her way. She believes her short times in the real world gave her an advantage. Thing is, whatever she saw was only a tiny piece. I would guess, now that she has her Fathers Key brain that she plans to become like Delos – changing people for hosts. We all know that didn’t work so well for James Delos and even Ford said it didn’t work and the hosts went insane. The very reason he put himself in the Cradle instead. Ford then hopped in to Bernard when the Cradle was destroyed.

    So, everyone is now on their way to “the valley Beyond”…….whatever that is. Is it another Cradle backup? or something else. Do they even know what it is? I don’t think so.

    There is one thing though…..there has to be a “back door” out of Westworld. A way that all of the secret labs and supplies, and even James Delos, have been coming and going all along. Unnoticed by everyone, except a chosen few. Charlotte and Ford know about it.

    We know MIB doesn’t die yet (geez that makes you wonder) since you have yet to see him walking towards bunker doors on the side of a mountain. Is that one of the ways in….er, out?

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