New Photos Released for Westworld Episode 9, “Vanishing Point”


Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood)

Westworld Wednesdays are back with a slew of new photos! Five new images, courtesy of HBO, have been released from the upcoming episode “Vanishing Point.” Robert Patino is tackling scripting duties while Stephen Williams tackles the director’s chair. The synopsis, as terse and cryptic as always, is simple yet tantalizing: “Try to kill it all away, but I remember everything.”

We all know that death and suffering have been critical in unlocking our hosts’s respective journeys towards consciousness. As we near the end of the season (!), these pictures have become more cryptic than usual, but a plethora of carnage and twists are sure to come. If anything, the picture of The Man in Black (Ed Harris) and his wife Juliet (Sela Ward), indicates that we may be getting to the crux of what made William become the darkened man we all now know him to be.


What is the history between these two? What ultimately led to Juliet’s suicide?


Emily (Katja Herbers)

What is Emily’s role in this story? When she referenced punishing her father worse than Akecheta (Zahn McClernon), what did she mean by that?


Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright)

Now that Bernard’s identity has been revealed to Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and  Karl Strand (Gustaf Skarsgård), what is next for our favorite bespectacled host?


William/The Man in Black (Ed Harris)

What are your thoughts and predictions for the penultimate episode of Westworld season two? Chime in below!





22 responses to “New Photos Released for Westworld Episode 9, “Vanishing Point””

  1. I think that Juliet will find out about MIBs behavior, and Dolores, in Westworld from Logan. I think he had the company that was supposed to be his taken away from him because of William (and Logans lifestyle choices), and now it’s his turn to get it back. Juliet, who always saw something in the background of her husbands outward facade that nobody else seemed to see, now sees that she was right all along. He’s been living a lie. She can’t take it anymore and commits suicide. Emily, who is close to her Mother, blames William. William, finally recognizing all the wrongs he has done in his life to others and to his family, decides his life is not worth living anymore and goes to Westworld— and becomes MIB. Taking revenge on himself and planning on “correcting his greatest mistake”. Along the way in his suffering Ford gives him a challenge– MIB begins to see that maybe there is still some good in him and says he’s going to ask for redemption.
    I still want to find out why he always wears black gloves and a scarf —

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  2. An episode that appears to be driven by humans rather then hosts is welcome. While nothing will top the storytelling and cinematic beauty of “Kiksuya,” any episode that focuses on Ed Harris is fine with me. I have lost interest in William/MIB’s story this season; it seems to have stalled. I think its crucial to start filling in the missing pieces of his life and his motivations. This is especially true because – IMO (just a guess, no spoilers) – he isn’t making it to S3.

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  3. I didn’t use to think that William would make it out of this season alive, but I have to say my mind has very much been changed. I am now on the William-is-a-host train. I’ve been convinced.

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  4. Jaehaerys,

    Can’t say that I’m a fan of the “William is a host” theory although it is certainly possible. What happens to the story when the great majority of your main characters are hosts? If this is a commentary on “what makes us human” then I think its important to have actual humans in the story.

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  5. I don’t think he is a host. When I said succeeded where his Father did not…I meant, where James Delos did not. It won’t let me edit now.

    I think MIB may be a hybrid of human/host now.

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  6. mariamb,

    I’m not certain I like it either. I’m undecided at this point. But I just think there is too much evidence for it. What really got me is looking back at the S2 poster cover of the vulture with the black hat next to him… and his insides are all host. I think the vulture (and we see this vulture again in the last episode) is meant to be William, and the season cover is showing that he is a host. Lots of speculation, but the case for him being a host is just too strong at this point.


    Yeah, I don’t think William has always been a host– my guess is that he probably committed suicide himself, and not his wife (or maybe he committed suicide out of grief after seeing his wife did first) when he was older. But the MIB William that we’ve seen in Westworld has been a host/human hybrid, like you said, that has passed his fidelity. Or maybe he was just created like Bernard was.

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  7. Jaehaerys,

    It is certainly possible that he is something other than 100% human. I’ve seen mention elsewhere about the vulture = William, specifically when Akecheta was walking thru Escalante for the 2nd time.

    My question about it is why…isn’t more impactful to have him be a really shitty human who now regrets his role in Delos? I don’t know what William as host adds to the story.

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  8. mariamb,

    Yeah, the only way I see it really fitting the story is because William seems to want to go out in a “blaze of glory” here in the park, and it could be some poetic justice that he finds out he is a host and must live forever with the horrible mistakes he made.

    But it’s a stretch and only fits in a character arc sort of way. It wouldn’t really move the plot forward, but Westworld could always surprise us and have William’s purpose be greater than what we’ve thought. I wonder if we can take any cryptic meaning from when young Ford tells William, “The game begins where you end and ends where you began…”

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  9. Jaehaerys:
    …Westworld could always surprise us and have William’s purpose be greater than what we’ve thought.I wonder if we can take any cryptic meaning from when young Ford tells William, “The game begins where you end and ends where you began…”

    I would love for William to have a greater purpose. I think that it fits the narrative.

    That statement from Young Ford could indicate that William has purpose that he doesn’t quite understand. That’s a great quote but I am eager to see what some of these statements mean. I am getting a little weary of the subtexts in much of the dialogue. Hopefully, this week will get a few more answers.

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  10. but subtexts were only in the last episode and were necessary to enhance the fact that the Indians were speaking their own language vs English, and that Maeve could understand it. Subtexts weren’t used any other time that I know of…..unless you have it turned on for your personal tv

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  11. Barbara,

    Subtext is not the same thing subtitles. Here is the definition of subtext: “an underlying and often distinct theme in a piece of writing or conversation.”

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  12. opps…sorry, that’s true….. and Westworld is full of underlying everything. They keep us hunting ulterior meanings of everything.

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  13. That pic of William’s wife has my mind whirling. Obviously, they’ve changed actresses. Sela Ward, certainly an accomplished and beautiful actress, isn’t the actress first shown as his wife in the episode where we also first see little Emily. So, why has she been changed? Ordinarily, I wouldn’t think too much about a cast change, but we’ve just watched Ep 8, where poor Akecheta is so upset about replacement “people” in his life. Maybe I’m overthinking it – this show tends to cause that to happen to its fans, but is there a more sinister reason for the change?

    Then there’s that pic of Emily, with her standard annoyed look on her face. It could be a generic photo, yet I think there’s lot’s more to Emily and William’s situation. The whole conversation she had in a prior episode with William, before he snuck out of camp on her the next morning, reminded me of William’s conversations with James Delos. Delos kept spouting about William wanting to run/take over his, Delos’s, company. But it hadn’t been Delos’s company for a long while, and never would be again. William was in charge. It was the same tone between Emily and William.

    I believe William is a hybrid, a more successful hybrid than Delos was, and that Emily was testing to see if he could actually function in the “real” world. Maybe Emily is in charge of the company now, having taken over from William, and had determined that a prior build of William was not suitable for real world habitation. Maybe that’s the judgement William was protesting in his conversation with Lawrence. At any rate, Emily is far more than just a rich girl dabbling in the amusement park her daddy built. She does have some sort of power there, in my opinion, and she takes it seriously.

    I’m rather saddened at Bernard’s current situation. I had hoped he would be more than just a pack-mule robot, carrying Ford’s mind around, but maybe that’s what he’s always been, and there was never any hope for him.

    I hope Maeve survives. And, this is off-topic, but in Ep 8, when Akecheta wandered upon Dolores’s handy work at the party, finding Ford dead – just before he got there, he walked through a graveyard and stood beside a stone that had Dolores Abernathy engraved on it. I’m so confused about the timeline for that.

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  14. oh jezzz…. you made me just realize that SHE is not Williams wife—- Juliet! SHE is someone new….or in Williams case, someone ELSE. I had forgotten that we saw Juliet with young Emily at the retirement pary and she is the woman in the photo that Abernathy found. … duh…

    a reminder:

    I first took her stop and look as a, do you need me? is something wrong? look from a wife. Now I see a, I caught you looking, I’m interested too, look.

    It’s possible that Juliet has been recast with Ward, or that she plays a host version of her which William has made, perhaps to save face after his actions lead to her suicide. The original wife is not an actor, but the actual person in the photo who they signed just for the scene.

    I guess we’ll find out!

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  15. Barbara, thanks for the link to the video of the retirement party where we first see Juliet, Williams wife. It reminded me of of a question I had when I watched the episode: would hosts be designed for a capacity to feel jealousy? When Dolores turns from the piano to see William kissing Juliet, there is obviously some sort of discomfort in her face, which I took to be the beginnings of jealousy. But a host that’s jealous, either male or female, certainly wouldn’t be a desirable thing in the Park, where Guests were invited, encouraged to indulge in multiple sex partners if that’s where their fantasies took them. It wouldn’t do to have angry hosts protesting.

    Yet, Dolores feels something disquieting about William’s relationship to Juliet. My further point is this. William talks about loving Dolores, but wasn’t he basically falling prey to the script of Lee Sizemore and Ford? We have been told and shown that the hosts rehearsed again and again to be able to respond “properly” to any situation. Properly in this case would mean what would be most advantageous to the Park, where return customers are hoped for. So, was Dolores’s uneasiness with William kissing Juliet something programmed by Ford to keep William interested in investing in the Park, or is it a sign of the beginnings of consciousness or a combination of both? Would William be “turned on” by such a display from Dolores? I think he would be

    At any rate, people are saying that Juliet committed suicide because of discovering some dark oozing secret about William’s personality. Maybe added to that was the overwhelming annoyance that she was running a sad second to what she considered a machine.

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  16. Thronetender,

    I think Dolores showed some recognition at the party but decided to listen to everything going on and learn. I think William did more than fall in love with Dolores as she was becoming more awake. That’s why he told Logan, she’s not like the rest. As for finding out my husband was in love with anyone else, especially a robot, and especially one in Westworld that was run by her Father and then William, and he had been doing it for years…..that would do it for me, BIG TIME

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