Complete Breakdown of the Westworld Season 2 Finale Teaser!

Dolores Westworld

With only a few days left until the Westworld finale, it’s time to put our thinking caps on – or our brain scanning Stetsons, if you prefer – and take a deep dive into the “The Passenger” teaser! There is a ton of information contained in the 85 second video, so we will break it down shot by shot. Let’s take a look at the clues hidden inside and do some theorizing, shall we?

First, check out the teaser below if you haven’t seen it yet:

It opens – perhaps unsurprisingly – with three shots of doors. First, we see a set of doors inside the Delos Mesa facility. These look to be the same doors we will see bulls crash through later.

Westworld 1

This appears to be the entrance to the underground facility Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) saw being built in “Kiksuya;” likely leading to the Forge. An earlier trailer showed William (Ed Harris) striding toward this entrance with knife in hand.

Westworld 2

Here we have Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) opening a door from what looks like the Mariposa in Sweetwater. The aspect ratio indicates this is a simulation, which means Dolores is probably inside the Forge here. The figure behind her is most likely Bernard (Jeffrey Wright).

Westworld 3

The background behind Bernard looks similar to the Cradle, so I believe he is standing in the Forge facility as we hear Dolores’ voice saying “freeze all motor functions.” If she is saying this to Bernard, I don’t see how the command would work since he is awake…

Westworld 4

We see a white dune buggy, which appears to be the one Bernard was driving, headed through the desert to the Valley Beyond.

Westworld 5

Bernard looks at something in the distance – he may be preparing to enter the Forge facility here.

Westworld 6

We hear Dolores say “let’s try again” as the next six images flash in quick succession. This could indicate she is building a host and testing it given the scenes we see next. First, Dolores places a host pearl onto a holding device. Since this is how Bernard accessed the Cradle, I imagine it’s a similar process here – it could be Abernathy’s pearl, the key to unlock the Forge. Or perhaps she is getting ready to code it for someone…

Westworld 7

Here is a blurry shot of Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) standing behind a skeleton. Could this be the one he was building in his secret lab in season one? Or is it someone new?

Westworld 8

Bernard places a skull inside a circular device – possibly preparing it for control unit insertion.

Westworld 9

In the next three shots, we see Bernard standing on the beach where Strand’s (Gustaf Skarsgård) team found him in the season premiere. He appears to lie down voluntarily, so maybe this is all part of a setup?

Westworld 10 Westworld 11 Westworld 12

It’s difficult to make out the figure in this scene, but I think it’s William on his way to the Valley Beyond.

Westworld 13

The next several shots take us back to the Mesa, where Maeve (Thandie Newton) seems to be making her escape in a sequence we first saw way back in the Westworld Super Bowl trailer. Bulls crash through the doors from the very first shot in the teaser, most likely commanded by Maeve. This security team doesn’t stand much of a chance I’m afraid.

Westworld 14

Oh look, the gang’s all here! Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), Felix (Leonardo Nam), Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum), Hector (Rodrigo Santoro), and Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto) look on in amazement as they realize Maeve didn’t need them to come to the rescue after all.

Westworld 15

Brave, or incredibly stupid?

Westworld 16

Incredibly stupid for the win.

Westworld 17

Don’t mess with Maeve! I just hope she was able to patch herself up first and isn’t wearing the cloak to hide her gaping wounds…

Westworld 18

Bernard and Dolores are inside the Forge simulation, standing on the streets of Sweetwater.

Westworld 19

We hear Dolores say “that which is real is irreplaceable” before the next sequence of four images. Dolores sees a version of herself walk by. Is this a backup version of her, or is this just part of the scenery for the guests whose minds are all uploaded here?

Westworld 20

Still in the Forge, we see James Delos (Peter Mullan) in a lab, probably during one of his tests. Bernard and Dolores walk by in the background with Logan (Ben Barnes), who seems to be guiding them through the simulation.

Westworld 21

Dolores and Bernard appear to be at a party in the Delos mansion, still inside the Forge.

Westworld 22

Next we have a heartbreaking shot of Dolores holding Teddy’s body back in the park – not ready to let go.

Westworld 23

Dolores walks down stairs which look like they are somewhere in the Forge version of the Mesa, with Bernard and Logan in tow.

Westworld 24

The trio stands in a kitchen, probably in the Delos mansion, as William’s voice says “this is the end.”

Westworld 25

Bernard and Dolores look out over a vast library inside the Forge. We see a shot of Dolores reading one of the books in an earlier trailer. Could these be memory logs for the guests contained here?

Westworld 26

Dolores and William ride together – perhaps preparing to enter the Forge – as William’s voice says “nothing else is in the way now.”

Westworld 27

Next we see Dolores, Armistice, and someone from Delos security – all looking like they are ready for battle.

Westworld 28 Westworld 29 Westworld 30

William puts his gun to Dolores’ head. She doesn’t look too worried; she’s probably betting he won’t be able to pull the trigger (he won’t).

Westworld 31

Dolores tells someone in the Forge facility, “We will win.”

Westworld 32

Ghost Nation warriors lock arms, showing solidarity in the face of an upcoming battle.

Westworld 33

We hear Logan say “I can see the bottom” as water flows toward Bernard and a dead Ghost Nation host.

Westworld 34

Dolores’ voice comes back in, saying “you woke me from a dream Bernard” as Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) walks with Bernard, Strand, and two security members. Could they be entering the Forge facility here?

Westworld 35

Another security member looks to be holding a gun on Maeve.

Westworld 36 Westworld 37

We see Logan inside the Forge telling someone (probably his father, who is walking away from him in a similar scene later) “don’t you want to see what I see?”

Westworld 38

The next two shots appear to be scenes we’ve already witnessed – Charlotte interrogating Bernard and Dolores testing Bernard for his fidelity to Arnold. These must be here for a reason…

Westworld 39 Westworld 40

Ford’s voice states “there’s only one question left to ask” as Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) rides into a group of hosts in the valley. In the background, it looks like the sky is opening up?

Westworld 41

Hector and Maeve watch Clementine approach.

Westworld 42 Westworld 43

Maeve appears to realize Clementine is being used as a weapon, commanding the hosts to turn on each other, as she yells “run!” You can clearly see the opening behind her, which shows a bluer sky and greener land on the other side. Does this indicate the park is in a dome, or maybe that the background is a hologram?

Westworld 44

Bernard asks the question Ford referenced earlier, saying “will you help me?” This is not inside the Forge, so it looks like Bernard didn’t get Ford out of his head after all…

Westworld 45

Armistice and Hanaryo fight for their lives in the valley.

Westworld 46 Westworld 47

Charlotte rides in a Delos buggy with her security team.

Westworld 48

Some kind of device shoots rays toward the sky – this is probably what is responsible for the opening we saw in earlier shots.

Westworld 49

Man versus bull, again not going very well for man.

Westworld 50

Dolores and Bernard walk through the Forge facility, with a drone host in the background.

Westworld 51

Bernard standing in the Forge, perhaps preparing to send his mind inside.

Westworld 52

Dolores and Bernard walk through James Delos’ observation room inside the Forge.

Westworld 53

A bloodied James Delos holds someone at gunpoint inside the Forge’s version of Sweetwater. This looks like the final Delos bot who went crazy and cut up his face, so I’m not quite sure what to make of this.

Westworld 54

I believe Bernard and Dolores are approaching the Delos mansion inside the Forge here.

Westworld 55

James Delos walks away from Logan inside the Forge.

Westworld 56

A robot hand uses a laser pen to write in a book – likely one that we see inside the Forge’s library.

Westworld 57

William is inside the Forge here, but it’s unclear if this is his mapped consciousness or if he inserted himself somehow (cue the “William is a host” theorists!).

Westworld 58

The surviving hosts head to the opening in the valley – is it widening, or is water pouring in at the bottom?

Westworld 59

In perhaps one of the most intriguing shots, Charlotte sees a host version of herself. Is this the body we see with Ford and Bernard in the earlier shots? Since we don’t see Dolores at all in the most recent timeline, did she insert herself into this Charlotte bot? Those two juxtaposed scenes of Charlotte and Dolores both talking to Bernard could be a clue. If this is what happened, then perhaps all the most recent timeline scenes of “Charlotte” were actually Dolores, and she is leading Strand’s team into a trap (which I’ve believed she was doing since the premiere).

Westworld 60

Akecheta is fighting new Maeve here . Since he is self-aware, I doubt he is being commanded by Clementine – but she may be. He may have to kill new Maeve to protect himself.

Westworld 61

Hector is fighting for his life among the Clementine-controlled hosts.

Westworld 62

Maeve attempts to use her Jedi mind trick powers to stop the host massacre, but will she succeed? Perhaps Maeve will – tragically – have to kill Clementine to end it.

Westworld 63 Westworld 64

What do you think Bernard and Dolores will learn inside the Forge? Does William manage to destroy it like he planned? Is Dolores masquerading as Charlotte in the most recent timeline and leading Delos into a trap in the valley? Give us your predictions in the comments!


13 responses to “Complete Breakdown of the Westworld Season 2 Finale Teaser!”

  1. I also wonder about others we haven’t seen in the most recent (Strand) timeline. Where is Elsie? Surely she hasn’t been wandering the park alone for 11 days? Maeve and company (including her human friends), or Akecheta – did they escape? William – is he dead? So many questions…

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  2. Thanks for this breakdown. I want to spend more time thinking about it but here are my initial thoughts…

    I’m guessing that poor Maeve still has those gaping wounds and thus the need for the shawl.
    If Dolores inserted herself into Charlotte Bot, then perhaps Charlotte is finally dead!
    That “opening” has to be water pouring in, right?

      Quote  Reply

  3. Thanks for this, Vanessa! You did a great trailer breakdown. I appreciate it because I’d never be able to look at every image like this 🙂

    So much to unpack with this trailer… the crack in the sky, a Charlotte host… damn this finale will be absolutely insane.

    My only original thought is that maybe Akecheta isn’t fighting Maeve in that one clip, but trying to protect her instead. They did spend a good chunk of his episode focused on how intentions can be taken the wrong way. Maybe that is just me hoping those two don’t fight, because they are both perfect.

      Quote  Reply

  4. Vanessa Cole,

    Ohhh right I wasn’t sure what you meant by new Maeve. I thought you just meant a fixed up Maeve. Just thought of something else, though–we still haven’t seen the shot of someone with bloody hands holding Akecheta’s face. Perhaps this occurs during this scene? Now, I guess it could be either Maeve or new Maeve, but certainly not Kohana.

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  5. A few more comments:
    Those shots of Bernie standing on the beach…it sure does look like the precursor to the scene of him waking up on the beach. However, when he wakes up, there is a champagne flute next to him and chairs scattered around.

    I’m also intrigued by the numerous shots of the Delos mansion inside The Forge. I assumed that everything we would see in The Forge would take place inside the park. Unless, of course, the Delos mansion is in a secure section of the park…

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  6. mariamb,

    Since the Forge contains human cognition and memories, it would make sense for it to contain images of the real world and not just the park. Especially for the Delos family, which was heavily involved in the project.

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  7. Vanessa,

    I was not suggesting that it didn’t make sense. IMO, something of significance must be happening there, especially because Logan is with Bernard and Dolores. Perhaps this is how we learn the true purpose of The Forge.

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