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RuPaul Summons His Inner Host_1

RuPaul Summons His Inner Host

Well known drag queen and television host RuPaul is no stranger to the spotlight. While fame certainly does come with some notable perks, being in the public eye also opens the door to hatred, especially being the polarizing figure that he is. This...

Can Westworld's Hosts Feel Pain?

Can Westworld’s Hosts Feel Pain?

Throughout the first season, fans of Westworld watch various hosts exhibit pain from guests and fellow hosts inflicting physical harm upon them. Whether as the result of a gunshot or a punch to the noggin, the hosts react in a way that is consistent...

Westworld's Hosts and the Imago Dei

Westworld’s Hosts and the Imago Dei

Imago Dei, or ‘Image of God,’ is a belief held in, among other religions, Christianity. Found in various passages of the New Testament, this idea forms the belief that humans were unselfishly created in the image of God, the Creator. And as such...

Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay in HBO's Westworld

Should Westworld’s Hosts Have Rights?

Why do we humans have rights? According to a new In the Nutshell video, a big reason is the fact that we are consciousness beings. But not only that – we are conscious beings that are capable of suffering, and are capable of being aware of the fact...

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